Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Susquehanna Service Dogs Needs You!

This year, Labor Day is taking on a special meaning for SSD. We’re expecting four new litters of puppies in the next six weeks! We will definitely have our hands full with approximately 25 lab puppies expected.

With so many puppies on the way, we’re going to need your help to provide all of the supplies and care these pups need to grow into future service dogs. For example, when all those puppies are being born, we will need lots of white towels, as well as heating pads to keep the pups warm. Other items we need include puppy crates, paper towels, hand sanitizer, storage containers, and more. All of these items are essential to keeping the whelping room clean, warm, safe, and organized for the mom and puppies.

Thank you for helping these puppies get off to a good start!

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