Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joan and Jagger: Weather Aficionados

Guest post by Joan T. and her service dog, SSD Jagger

I wanted to take a little getaway to see how I would fare camping. I’m a KOA member and there is a campground near Bellefonte. This would be Jagger’s and my third camping trip together, and our first one this year.

Having Jagger with me on this camping trip helped me get up in the morning. The stiffness is pretty bad for me. We both walked a good deal. Without him there to balance and “catch” me a few times, it could have been disastrous.

I’m interested in all types of earth science, from the skies at night to the weather, especially when camping in a tent. I’m a registered weather spotter for the National Weather Service, as well as a storm chaser in PA. I knew AccuWeather was located in State College and decided to contact a Facebook acquaintance to see if I could get a tour. I did let them know I have a service dog. They asked me if I needed any special accommodations, for me or for the dog, and I replied, “Nope, he walks right along with me.” And he did—when he wasn’t taking a rest on the weather-themed floor.

We saw where the weather forecasts are produced and televised, the huge computer banks, and the main floor where it all happens. It was a busy place, but I did see some heads turn as we walked by—and some conversations stopped momentarily! Jagger was only too happy to give “doggie therapy” on a couple of occasions. I don’t know what Jagger thought of the tour, but I enjoyed it. I think he liked the K9 park at the campground a lot better.

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