Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet SSD Brickle, Puppy in Training

Do you remember SSD Brickle? She’s one of the Ice Cream Puppies that were born April 18, 2013. She’s now living with her puppy raisers.

Brickle is the first puppy Cindy and her husband are raising for SSD, although they have been puppy owners before. Pair that experience with the SSD classes they took before getting Brickle, and they felt confident that they could raise a puppy. “We enthusiastically began this project, and after one month, it has been both fun and frustrating,” said Cindy. “Brickle is a puppy, and she can be challenging and strong-willed, but then again, she is so loving and intelligent that it is easy to forget that she is a baby just learning,”

Brickle is still a puppy, so she’s easily distractible. She can have a mind of her own on walks and in puppy class. She loves playing with her brothers and sisters and the other puppies in class, so Cindy tries to keep her working and busy during puppy class so she stays focused. That’s one time when the power treats come out—hot dogs!

In puppy class, we’ve been working on puppy zen, an important part of “leave it.” “I’m so proud of her,” said Cindy. “She looks at the treat and my hand and then at me. She waits until I say ‘okay,’ and then I give her a treat.”

Brickle has also been doing great with the “go to bed” cue, where the dog goes to a designated blanket, towel, or dog bed, lies down, and stays there. When Cindy put the towel on the floor, she was amazed by how quickly Brickle figured out what to do. First, Cindy clicked and treated her for just looking at the towel, and then she waited until Brickle moved toward it. Brickle did a great job figuring out what the next steps were.

Recently, they went hiking. Brickle loved it! They ran along the path. There was a stream nearby, so Brickle go to go for a swim. Each time, she quickly came back to shore and her puppy raisers.

SSD Brickle is at the very beginning of her journey to becoming a service dog. We’re excited to watch her grow and learn more!

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