Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Friends and Delicious Food Equals a Great Day!

We had such a great time meeting you at our Social Media Day meetup! We love talking to everyone online, but it's nice to meet face to face. At the beginning of the night, there were some unfamiliar faces, but by the end, we had some new friends. Thank you to everyone who came out! We hope to see you again!

It was such a beautiful evening, that we met and had dinner outside. Big thank you to La Piazza - they put out bowls of water for the dogs, and even had bowls of dog treats on each table!

Over 15 service dogs and service dogs-in-training were there, including new puppies Peach Pie, Phoenix and Falcon! Peach is a little lady - she laid nicely at her puppy raiser's feet during dinner.

Phoenix and Falcon, our poodle puppies, had a blast playing with each other. (Although when their puppy raisers called their names, they knew exactly what to do - pay attention!)

We had such a good time that we might hold another meetup sometime. New and old friends, great food, dogs - what other reasons do we need to get together?

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