Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rock and Roll Stars Puppies Take Their Act to the Kennel

Dylan, Zappa, Hendrix, Grace and Jagger are now rocking out at the kennel! They arrived last night and settled right in to their new home for the week.

Today, puppy hugging started up again. However, puppy hugging at the kennel is a little bit different. We have a list of tasks for each puppy hugger to do with the puppies, including walking in the woods, crate behavior, loose leash walking, basic clicker work, play retrieve, riding in the car, and putting their harness on and taking it off.

Here Zappa practices loose leash walking. He just woke up from a nap and wasn't too sure he wanted to walk at all, so one of his puppy huggers tried practicing recalls to get him to move forward.

Walking and playing in the woods is great for stimulating the puppies' mental growth. Grace and Dylan play together in the first video, and Hendrix and Jagger play in the second. These puppies love playing with sticks!

While in the woods, our puppy huggers practiced recalls. Here Dylan is wandering along in search of some interesting smells or sticks, but when his puppy hugger call him with "Dylan! Puppy, puppy, puppy! he comes running right to her!

In the training room at the kennel, Grace and her puppy hugger practiced play retrieves with a tennis ball. Although she doesn't actually bring the tennis ball back to her puppy hugger, she does bound back soon after she is called.

Jagger got to meet some of the campers during our second week of Summer Camp. He had a great time going from camper to camper and getting lots of attention! The campers loved it, too!

These puppies will be at the kennel all week. On Friday, they'll have their puppy temperament test, and then we'll match them with puppy raisers! All the puppy raisers who are getting a puppy from this litter will be notified on Friday. On Saturday, puppy raisers will get their new puppies, and their first major event will be our SSD picnic that day! We're looking forward to it!

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