Friday, July 2, 2010

Peach Pie!

When we talk about Peach Pie, we're not talking about a delicious dessert made of fruit. We're talking about SSD Peach Pie, a black lab puppy who is just as sweet as her name.

Peach Pie flew all the way from Pacific Assistance Dog Society in Vancouver. Even though it was a long flight, she was never in a crate. Instead, she was hand-carried the whole way. U.S. Airways has a group of wonderful volunteers who transport assistance dogs. Peach Pie stayed in the cabin, which is great experience for her because when she she becomes a service dog, she may fly with her partner.

Here is a wonderful article about U.S. Airways' Puppies in Flight program: "Dogs Get Flight Training in Charlotte."

At Harrisburg International Airport, SSD Peach Pie was hand-delivered into the arms of her new puppy raisers.

She settled right into her new home. Peach is being raised by SSD Misty Morning's puppy raisers, and she and Misty got along right away. They love playing with each other! When she isn't playing with Misty, Peach is a calm little lady. When she went to the vet, she was as calm as could be.

She came to our Social Media Day meetup at La Piazza, and even though there were lots of people and other dogs around, she stayed right by her puppy raiser's side. Even when people came over to pet her, she stayed focused on her puppy raiser, sitting nicely to get her treats while people petted her. Great job, Peach Pie!

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