Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Puppies + food = one big happy mess!

If the size of the mess they made is any indication, the Gemstones puppies really enjoyed their first real meal!

When the puppies are about three weeks old, we start them on softened puppy food. Diamond was the first to dive in. As soon as Crystal, the puppies' breeder caretaker, set Diamond in front of the puppy food, she dug right into it. She was doing such a great job eating the new food that we joked that we better get the other puppies around the plate before she ate it all!

The other puppies soon smelled the food and came over to investigate. Without any prompting, they started chowing down, too. Soon there was just as much puppy food on the floor as there was on the plates!

Watch a video of Coral, Opal, Aqua, Topaz, Taz, Amber and Diamond eating their first real meal.

Even though they had just eaten all that puppy food, they still wanted to nurse. After Pearl helped clean up some of the puppy food, the puppies started nursing. Soon, Pearl was stretched out and all seven pups were lined up in a row. As the puppies finally got full, they wandered off and settled down for a nap. Aqua smooshed her face between her mother and the coffee table and promptly fell asleep. Diamond wiggled under the computer chair to nap. The other puppies found comfortable places on the floor. All that eating is hard work!

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